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We would like to give our opinion as to what Jesus actually expects from us,
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"I was shocked to find out that tithing was actually on food not money back then. I was even more
shocked to find out that tithing was not mentioned in the New Testament except when Jesus was
chastising the Pharisee's or when Paul gave a history lesson.
Never in the Bible, New Testament
or Old, does it ever state or even slightly suggest that anyone had or has to give a tithe of
This tithe of gross income had to only come about after all the Gospels and Episcopals
were written and the Apostles were out of the way."
Paragraph taken from "To Tithe Or Not To Tithe", click Here to read the whole paper.
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Sadly, I feel that most people do not find out what Jesus wants for themselves, but take the word of a priest,
preacher, pastor, evangelist, parent, neighbor, or a website to summarize what Jesus wants. Or worse yet, they
just make it up themselves. Sadly, a whole lot of extra, unnecessary things get added, usually unintentionally,
and some of the most important things get left out or overlooked completely.

Have you ever told someone a story about something that happened to you.... Then a few weeks later, you have
someone else approach you with a different version of your story. It's not like that person actually made it up or
outright lied, but when the first person retold the story, well, they might not have remember all the details exactly,
or because they might of had a different personality than you, they remembered the details differently. So now
the second person that heard your story (actually a summary of your story) goes and retells it (actually a
summary of the summary of your story) and with no actually fault of their own, your story actually changes yet

This is the same thing as trusting someone else's version of the truth! For example:

  • Parts of the Old Testament were passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth for a long
    time until someone (probably Moses) finally wrote it down.

    They wrote a summary of the truth the best they could in Hebrew.

  • The Gospels of the New Testament were written many years later. How could they possibly remember
    every word Jesus said to the exact letter.

    They wrote a summary of the truth the best they could in Greek.

  • The scriptures are translated from Hebrew and Greek into English or whatever language you read them.
    Anyone that has ever translated something knows that getting the exact meaning is very difficult, if not
    sometimes impossible.

    They translated a summary of the truth the best they could.

  • The ones called priest, pastor, preacher, and evangelist usually go to a school or get training that requires
    them to learn that denominations "truth".

    They learned a summary of the truth the best they could.

  • The ones called priest, pastor, preacher, and evangelist begin preaching what they were taught.

    They preach a summary of the truth that they were taught the best they could.

  • Finally, we hear the summary message.

    We pass our new summary of the truth on to others the best we can.

This is why, for those that have not accepted Jesus yet, it is so very important to actually read the Bible for
yourself and to study it for yourself, and to have a Bible translation that you can comprehend the best. But
remember, it is a translation, so be careful not to emphasize certain words or phrases (because they belong to
the translator), but try to get the whole big picture of what is being said.

And for those that have accepted Jesus, just ask God for the
truth, and His Holy Spirit will direct you within your heart that
which is truth. If you are searching the scriptures for truth,
they all point to Jesus! There is no need to look any farther.

Now, am I saying believers should throw their bibles away? Absolutely not! It is a great resource for pointing
others to Christ. It is a great reminder why we need
a Savior. It is a great example of just how wonderful our
Father is. But, if believers are looking for guidance in their lives by using the Law, or trying to fit What Did Jesus
Do or What Would Jesus Do (WDJD or WWJD) to a current dilemma or situation, then they are denying the very
truth that Jesus is alive to be asked directly. They are going back to relying on rules written in stone. They are
admitting that the Holy Spirit is not dwelling within them, or
to the very least, they are not listening to His Spirit. In
essence, they are having a form of godliness, but denying the real power within (the Holy Spirit).

Think about this:

    When you take a passed down, watered down version of someone else's version of the truth and tell
    someone else.... You are responsible to God for what you teach others! When you teach your kids
    something that you heard at a thing called church, you are still responsible in finding out if it is actually true
    or not. You cannot blindly teach others without once in a while teaching a lie! Opinions and Rumors are not
    God's truth.... They are just that, options and rumors. Find out the truth for yourself the best you can, then
    teach that if God so calls you to, but don't teach it as God's truth, teach it as your opinion of the truth, that
    way, when someone else uses your teaching, it is not used as a fact, but just as an opinion. Sadly, in my
    opinion, Apostle Paul's letters were taken as facts, when actually it was just his opinion. This seems to lead
    people astray.

Some of the teachings today really bother me. For instance, the thing called church is teaching that a person
must Tithe 10% of their gross income in order to be right with God. BUT WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL.... They also
say, you must give even more on top of that in order for it to count as a freewill offering, but the Tithe is required.
This is absurd.... I have an essay that I wrote a while back dealing with this issue called "
To Tithe Or Not To
Tithe?". I did a lot of research to back up my opinion, but it is still just my opinion.

In another essay I am working on is called "
To Build Or Not To Build," I discuss whether or not the Body of Christ
should be building "Church Buildings." This goes along with Tithing, as that is how new and old buildings alike
are usually funded.